Joyful Mysteries
Birth of Jesus
Finding Jesus in the Temple
The announcing of bad news.
Offering comfort to those in difficult times.
Finding support from strangers.
The burdens of old age.
Preparing for the loss of a loved one.
Mysteries of Light
Baptism of Jesus
Wedding at Cana
Proclaiming the Kingdom
Institution of the Eucharist
Parents called to show exceptional sacrificial love.
Desperation for a miracle.
Examples of Kingdom people.
Patient love is rejected or sidelined.
Receiving Communion of the Sick and Housebound.
Sorrowful Mysteries
Agony in the Garden
Scourging at the Pillar
Crowning with Thorns
Carrying the Cross
Facing the long watches of the night before an ordeal.
People subject to cruelty.
Humiliation and degradation.
Burdened by addiction and walking alongside.
Sudden death - especially by violence.
Glorious Mysteries
Coming of the Holy Spirit
Crowning of Mary
At the hour of our death.
Accepting the commission.
Gifted to change the world.
Dignity of human life.
The friendless in need of an advocate.

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