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This section of our website began life in 2003.

In 2010, the Bishops of England and Wales asked people to devote time to prayer for healing, forgiveness and renewed dedication on the Fridays during May. 

In August 2018, Pope Francis issued a letter to the People of God. This revived our thinking about this and the opportunity offered by a Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse and conversations around this have led to more resources being developed. The Day designated for England and Wales (our home area)  is the Fifth Friday of Lent. A few more resources have been added to the website for 2019 - and more will be added over time.

Abuse by clergy is a source of particular pain - and it was the high-profile reporting of cases in the United States and the UK that originally led us to consider what response we could make. Since then, reports of such abuse have come from many other countries, increasing our awareness of the extent of suffering and pain - not only the anguish of those who suffered directly but also those whose faith is being tested - how could people act in this way towards the innocent and vulnerable? Where was God?

The 2003 resources used Holy Thursday and Good Friday as their starting point. You can find them, listed with others prepared at around the same time, below. Although they were created quite some time ago, they may still be useful as they stand or as inspiration for your own ideas. Alongside, are our new offerings - particularly geared to the request for Prayer from the bishops. They are largely based on the Gospels for the Fridays of May. These are very much our first offerings - we plan to add more over coming days in particular.

The liturgies are not intended to be used by survivors at an early stage of their healing... though could be suitably adapted to individual circumstances. Rather, the hope is that they will be of use to people shocked and shamed by revelations of abuse in all its forms who want to bring that to prayer.

If you would like to be notified when new items are added or existing material is expanded, drop us an e-mail (kathryn at wellsprings dot org dot uk, please adapt to make a sensible address!) You can use the same address if you would like the weekly thought delivered to your Inbox on Fridays.

You are most welcome to use any or all of the resources below - as ever, we simply ask that you acknowledge our copyright. Given the sensitivity of this area, we should be especially interested in whether and how the material is used. Please get in touch at


2003 resources -
  • Bread - wine - and loss
    Reflections for a vigil service or quiet time of prayer using themes of bread, wine and Holy Thursday night.
  • Blessing
    A prayer for a prayer-card - or to be prayed with someone at a moment of reconciliation.
  • Intercessions



  • Fifteen minutes on Friday
    Short reflections based on the Gospels of the Fridays in May 2010.
  • Responses and Litanies for liturgies or Holy Hours.
    Simple outlines for group prayer that could be used as the basis for a Holy Hour of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

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