Ideas for using the Intercessions

Suggested responses - use as appropriate - different ones can be used for different intercessions

      Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer
      Lord of life and of healing, hear our prayer
      Defender of innocence, hear our prayer

We pray for those who have been abused - 
in body - mind - or soul.
May your infinite love enfold and heal them

We pray for the families of those who have been abused -
for whom shock and sorrow is compounded by feelings of guilt.
May your love heal their pain and free them to love the one they feel they have let down

We pray for those who strive to protect those vulnerable to abuse:
social workers - police - child protection officers.
May your love strengthen them and guide their judgement in what is best for those they seek to help

We pray for the abusers - 
for those who did not realise the effect their abuse was having - 
for those for whom it was a compulsion they could not control - 
for those who knew what they were doing and refused to stop.
May your love bring each to repentance - the only path to healing and forgiveness.

We pray for those who work with people who abuse children - young people - vulnerable adults.
May your love strengthen them and support their work with people society would rather forget.

We pray for our society - 
where children are exposed to television and video images that corrupt their innocence -
where they are dressed in ways which speak of a sexuality beyond their years - 
where young people are enticed into adult practices which their bodies - minds and spirits are not ready for.

May your love strengthen us to confront the society in which we live -
to highlight the contradictions
to challenge the abuse of sexuality in word and image - 
to restore dignity to the human body - 
to witness to our faith that it is the temple of the Holy Spirit -
to be honoured and cherished.

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