Using the Prayer of Blessing

May God who created you from love and for love
heal and bless you –
embracing you in the tenderest of mercies.

May Jesus who died for you
lift the burden of pain from your heart –
and take it to himself –
for he is gentle – and humble of heart –
and desires rest for your soul.

May the Spirit of consolation deep within you
awaken anew –
to comfort you and strengthen you;
to restore your trust
and renew your love.

May Mary, the mother of Jesus,
whose own heart was pierced as with a sword,
enfold your prayers for healing in her own.

And may you find peace in the love of the People of God –
forgiving its brokenness –
understanding its frailty –
and trusting its deep desire to be reconciled with you –
so that you, God’s precious son/ daughter –
can once again find in the its midst
a people and a place that you can call home.

© 2003 Wellspring

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