Year B: Year of Mark

Fourth Sunday in Advent

Second Reading: Romans 16: 25-27

On the threshold of the last week of Advent, St Paul proclaims the good news to Gentiles. The generations of promise had been given to to the Jewish people. As Godís chosen people, they had had the unique privilege of learning revelation by revelation that God was going to enter human history.


What was not clear until the generation of Mary - Joseph - Peter and the other apostles was that God would enter time and space by becoming fully human. The revelation of God finds its fullness in Jesus.


Because Jesus had been born fully human, the whole of humanity - the whole of creation - became charged with the divine. The God who had lived beyond time became an infant who needed to be fed at regular intervals - to go to bed to sleep when it got dark - to live with the seasons of sowing and harvest - to grow and develop form infancy to manhood obeying the laws of His own creation. One day, the God who lives beyond time submitted to the ultimate power of time over humanity - the time when life gives way to death - the moment when a human being steps back out of time into....what?


The God who lies beyond space was laid in a manger - grew up in a house - played in the streets - walked through the countryside - and died nailed to a cross.


God revealed the fullness of His godhead in one man - Jesus Christ. This revelation was so astonishingly clear that the world could no longer be the same.


This Good News could not be confined to one time or one place. The Good News was for all time - all nations and all peoples.


We stand on a threshold. It is our privilege to be the people who are entrusted with taking this Good News into the third Millennium. It is not an accident that this task is entrusted to us. Throughout history, God has chosen ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


We have been chosen from all of history to cherish in our day the revelation that God walked with His people two thousand years ago - and promises to continue to walk with them into the next thousand...


What does it mean for me?

How do you feel about being chosen to cherish and continue to proclaim the truth about God made human?

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