Reflections on the Sunday Readings
bullet First Sunday

  First Reading
  Second Reading
bullet Second Sunday
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bullet Third Sunday
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bullet Fourth Sunday
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bullet Feast of the Holy Family
bullet Epiphany
bullet Baptism of the Lord

Reflections for Advent and Christmas

Waiting in Joyful Hope for the Coming of our Saviour

All the end of the earth have seen the Salvation of our God.
(World-wide images of Mary and Jesus)

A Cosmic Christmas Story

The O Antiphons
Reflections during the pre-Christmas Octave

Send a Prayer to Bethlehem

Liturgies for the Advent Season

Angel Voices
Just when life seems comfy
and cosily predictable -
angels appear unexpectedly...

At the Turning of the Year
We gather, God of the changing seasons,
as the year turns to deepening darkness... 

Celtic style prayer
Days of heavy clouds stifling the sunlight
the world burdened by greyness and gloom...

Come, Lord Jesus
We stand at the turning of the year
looking back on what has been
and ahead to what is to come...

The Gift of Light
Jesus walked among His people
among people living in darkness...

Longing for Light
The nights have drawn in
long summer evenings are but memory;
winter is upon us
and darkness surrounds us...

O Antiphons
O Wisdom, O holy Word of God,
Wonderful is your counsel and great is your wisdom...

Passing on the Light
In the beginning, the universe was dark and cold –
and the Spirit hovered and brooded
and whispered
"Let there be life!"...

Penitential Liturgy for Advent
We live in a world oppressed by sin
a world of hunger pain injustice...

Return of the King
In his days justice shall flourish
and peace till the moon fails...

Standing on the Edge
We are standing on the edge:
Our earth – the blue-green jewel we call home –
stands on the edge of global catastrophe...

This is True...
Is it true, Lord, is it true:
that You, Creator of the Heavens,
condemn Your people to stumble though life
their paths shrouded in darkness?
Is it true, it true?  


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