Passing on the Light

Lit candles

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Reader 1 In the beginning, the universe was dark and cold –
and the Spirit hovered and brooded
and whispered
"Let there be life!
Reader 2 In the beginning God said
"Let there be light"
Reader 3 In the beginning the Word was spoken
and light and life came into being!
(large candle is lit)
Reader 4 In the beginning God looked at all that had been made
and saw that it was very good.
Reader 1 In the beginning…
(getting softer)
Reader 2 In the beginning…
Reader 3 In the beginning….
Reader 4 In the beginning…
Reader 1 Soon after the beginning –
God handed the light to human beings -
to Adam and to Eve
(God lights the candle held by A & E)
Reader 2 And they handed the light on to their children
to Cain who turned from the light – (Cain receives light but blows it out)
and to Abel who lived and died in the light (Abel receives light)
and to all their children (one more person!)
Reader 3 And their children handed the light on to their children –
to Noah who lived when the world was turning dark (Noah receives light)
The world was in grey with cloud and flood water –
but God set a rainbow in the sky
to remind them of the light.
Reader 4 And Noah handed the light on to his children
Reader 1 And they handed it on to their children
Reader 2 who handed it on to their children
Reader 3 who handed it on to their children …
Reader 4 Until one night, God spoke to a man in the dark of the desert,
"Look at the stars – look at the stars.
Look at the stars Abram.
Take the light to a new homeland –
Take the light – and take a new name
You shall be Abraham and your wife shall be Sarah"
Reader 1 Abraham took the light and gave it to Isaac
Reader 2 Who gave it to Jacob
Reader 3 Who gave it to Joseph
Reader 4 Who gave it to the Hebrews who lived in Egypt
Reader 1 But Egypt became a dark place for God’s people –
and God spoke to another man in the desert.
The light became a burning bush
and Moses approached and heard God’s voice
Reader 2 "Take this light to my people –
Go – tell Pharaoh: Let God’s people go!"
Reader 3 So Moses took the light to God’s people
and led them into the desert –
where they wandered for forty years until God led them to the Promised Land
Reader 4 And the light passed to Joshua –
to Deborah –
to Gideon –
and on and on until it passed to Samson
who was blinded –
but still trusted the light.
Reader 1 The light passed to Ruth, the Moabite –
who handed it to Obed –
who handed it to Jesse –
who handed it to David
Reader 2 And the light passed to Hannah –
who gave it to Samuel
who saw the light in David and named him king
Reader 3 And David passed the light to Solomon
and Solomon passed the light on to generations of kings
Reader 4 But the Kingdom began to grow dark –
so God handed the light to the prophets:
to Elijah and Elisha
to Jeremiah and to Micah
to Hosea and to Amos
Reader 1 The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light
On those who lived in shadows – on them God’s light has shone.
Reader 2 And the light burnt in the darkness of Exile
in the hope of rebuilding:
through invasion and suffering
the light did not go out.
Scripture Reading - A Reading - or several short passages from the Prophets could be inserted here. 
Reader 3 Then an angel appeared to Mary
and passed a new light to her…
Creation held its breath
Reader 4 And an angel appeared in a dream to Joseph
and passed a new light to him...
Creation held its breath…
Reader 1 And in the dark of a stable in the town of Bethlehem
a new light was given to the world:
the one who was there in the beginning came into the world
in him was life – and the life was the light of peoples.
The Word became flesh and lived among us.
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Reader 2 The light shone in the darkness
Reader 3 And the darkness did not overcome it
Reader 4 For the Light and Life of the world was destined to enter the darkest of darkness –
and it seemed –
for a while –
as if the darkness had won…
Reader 1 But in the darkest hours just before sunrise
darkness gave way to a new dawn
an eternal dawn:
eternal light shone upon the world
Reader 2 The Light of the World returned to the Father
Reader 3 But passed the light on to his disciples –
to Peter – to Mary –
to the Twelve –
Reader 4 And to the Three Thousand –
who saw the light of the Spirit’s new coming
and believed.
Reader 1 And the light appeared to Saul
and Saul became Paul
and took the light to the nations –
to Rome
Reader 2 And some took the light into desert places
Reader 3 And some to the east
Reader 4 And some to the south
Reader 1 And some to the north
Reader 2 The light dwelt with Benedict and Scholastica
Reader 3 The light went with Patrick – to Ireland –
Reader 4 And came from Ireland to Iona with Columba –
and was passed to Aidan – to Hilda – 
to all the Celtic peoples
Reader 1 And the light lived in the darkness of the fall of Rome –
It passed to Gregory – to Augustine –
and small lights shone in the darkness of the Dark Ages
Reader 2 The light passed on to Hildegard –
to Dominic –
to Thomas –
to Eckhart
Reader 3 To Francis and to Clare
whose lives glowed with the power of simplicity
Reader 4 To Julian and Margery –
whose lives were hidden until the world was ready
Reader 1 To Ignatius – to Teresa
who found God in the power of imagination
Reader 2 But the light became divided
and humans tried to possess it:
to claim it as their own
Reader 3 Yet the light was not defeated:
Reader 4 The light passed to those who loved God’s Word –
who translated it – and placed it into the hands of believers.
Reader 1 The light passed to those who sought to understand God’s creation –
and explored its wonders.
Reader 2 The light passed to those who saw the dignity of human beings
and fought to bring justice to the poor –
freedom to those who were slaves.
Reader 3 The light travelled to new continents –
and passed to new peoples –
to Rose and to Juan and to those who believe in the Americas
Reader 4 to Paul Miki and to those who believe in the East
Reader 1 to Charles Lwanga and to those who believe in Africa
Reader 2 The light passed to Bernadette and Therese
Reader 3 to Charles de Foucauld
Reader 4 to Dietrich and to Maximillian
Reader 1 to Martin Luther King and to Dorothy Day
Reader 1 to Brother Roger and to Mother Teresa
Reader 2 to us
Reader 3 The light waits –
Reader 4 Who will keep the light burning in our day?
Reader 1 Who will take the light into the world?
Reader 2 Who will carry the light into a new year –
a new century –
a new Millennium?
Readers Who will carry the light – if we do not?

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