Year B: Year of Mark

Fourth Sunday in Advent

First Reading: 2 Samuel 7:1-5,8-12,14,16

God promised to establish David as king and the reading today speaks of the days when his enemies were subdued and the reign of the new king had begun.

As he sits in his palace, David realises that there is something not quite right in the fact that he is living in luxury whereas the ark of God is still in a tent. His reaction is to begin plans to build a temple for God.


At first, the prophet Nathan agrees - but during the night receives a new vision - a greater vision.


God reminds Nathan who brought David from the pastures where he was a shepherd and led him to kingship. He reminds him who it was who brought Davidís enemies to their knees. It is God who brought David to greatness - not the other way round. There is, realistically, nothing David can do to make God great!


But God does not stop with the reminders - He opens up the future and fills it with promise.


Davidís greatness will go from strength to strength - and God will protect His people. He also promises that this greatness will not die with David but will endure from generation to generation. His promise applies to Davidís son, Solomon, but looking still further ahead, it looks towards Jesus who was to be born of the House of David.


The kingdom that God established for David was great and long-lasting. The Kingdom which He establishes in Jesus will be secure and last for ever...


What does it mean for me?

How can we sometimes be like David - seeking to put God in something that can contain him - albeit very beautiful?

How can we overcome the desire to control God and give him freedom to work in our own lives?

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