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Year A: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Second Reading: Thessalonians 1:  5-10

When St Paul first came to Thessalonika, he found that the greatest tool he had was his own lifestyle.  Words and arguments go so far - but it is living out the good life that proves that it is possible - and that blessings can and do follow,

The Thessalonians follow the example that Paul set before them - and such was the transformation that others begin to notice and to make favourable comments about it. Not only that, but their example leads others to learn more about Christianity and to take up the story themselves.

St Paul is not doling out faint praise - to massage the egos of the Thessalonians - rather he is offering words of encouragement. There is a saying “nothing succeeds like success” - and St  Paul is showing the Thessalonians that turning away from their family’s gods - or converting from Judaism to Christianity - has borne fruit. It may be difficult for them at times - but they are helping in the process of spreading the Good News - simply by the decisions they have made and the way in which they are carrying them through.

Two thousand years later, we too face difficulties in choosing and living the Christian life. the idols around us are different - but are no less powerful for all that.

Most people in our society feel more comfortable worshipping the modern day gods of material wealth and so on - and we who look to something beyond that can find ourselves very much out of step. we can also wonder whether we are making any difference at all - and is it worth continuing.

Signs of success may seem small but they are there - and it is a joy when someone points them out to us. We may see them as if for the first time - and, when we do, find renewed encouragement to continue.

 What does it mean for me?


List some of the successes of your Christian life.

Give thanks - and enjoy them...

Allow them to feed your enthusiasm to continue...

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