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Year A: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 First Reading: Exodus 22: 20-26

In today’s First reading, Moses gives a practical explanation of how love of God and love of neighbour go hand in hand.

God, in His power and love for the Hebrew people, had brought them from a land of slavery and formed them to be His own people. As such, He was setting them apart as a people and, in a way, setting them as an example of how a just society should be run.

And so, He reminds them of their time of captivity and says that, knowing how it feels to be harshly treated, they should be determined to treat others with justice and fairness. there was to be a special concern for the poor and helpless.

As they have seen, God hears the cry of those who are oppressed and works to liberate them - and punish those who are the oppressors. Just because He has shown His love for His people does not mean that He will turn a blind eye if they start to behave n the same way as those who oppressed them.

This reading is sometimes used in liturgies reflecting on issues of justice and peace - reminding us that we have been greatly blessed by God and that this gives us the responsibility of treating others with the kindness and justice that we have received...

Imagine what a world run along the lines of this Reading would be like where widows and orphans were cherished - where those in debt were not left in abject misery...

Imagine - and then reflect that God asks for action as well as fine words.

What does it mean for me?

Waterlily Imagine the world as it could be... How can you act in accordance with the dream?

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