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The Via Dolorosa - the Way of Sorrows - in Jerusalem
follows the route of  that last, fateful journey of Jesus

from the Court of Pilate to Golgotha.

The events recalled on the route are largely anecdotal -
but each has a ring of truth to it which is hard to ignore....
What was that journey like?
Who did Jesus meet on the way?
What happened - and what did it mean?

Two thousand years later, pilgrims still walk that route.
Each one is following the Way of Christ.
Each one is following their own Way of Sorrows.

The Via Dolorosa - Way of Sorrows - presented here
is based on the Way of the Cross, a traditional Catholic form of prayer

It links incidents from that Way - with the Ways of Sorrow in our world.

People still walk them -
and the Christ in them invites the Christ in us to walk alongside....

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All the crosses used in this Way of Sorrows come from Christian Media
Our thanks to them.

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