In common with many people, we are praying for number of friends and family members with serious illness or other major problems.

The Rosary is a beautiful prayer and often used by people undergoing difficult times - though some find the repetition unappealing. This section of our website is dedicated to using the Mysteries of the Rosary to reflect on and pray for some of the situations we are aware of in our own lives and is offered in the hope that it proves useful to others.

Each Mystery includes a Scriptural reference followed by a short thought linking that with a particular situation people find themselves in. A short prayer intention follows with a simple prayer to Mary. The traditional decade of the Rosary could then be recited - or a time of quiet contemplation.

The Mysteries can be prayed as a group or, perhaps preferably, one each day over a period of time. A list of the Mysteries and the chosen "theme" can be found here for those who are looking for prayer for a particular situation.

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