Day 3: Waiting ... and acting ...

Icon of Mary Magdalene

The disciple bent down to look in and saw the linen wrappings lying there but he did not go in. Then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb. He saw the linen wrappings lying there.

Why did the disciple Jesus loved wait even though he had seen the linen wrappings? What might have been going through his mind? What about Peter? What was his reaction to what he saw? What gave him the courage to go into the tomb of one who had been dead for two days

Spend a few minutes reading the Scripture passage and see if any words or phrases seem to be especially significant. Why might the word or phrase be important? Make a mental note of any insights or jot down any thoughts in your spiritual journal.


Spend a few minutes building the scene in whatever way is helpful - in the shoes of a film director - or sketching the scene. What insights do you get from the action in this part of the story? How are people reacting as it unfolds? 

There is a time for waiting - and a time for finding the courage to act in ways we would not have thought possible.
Pray for those for whom this is a time of waiting ... and for those for whom it is time to find the courage to do things they do not yet think they can.

Mary of Magdala,
you waited at the foot of the cross -
but found courage to return to the tomb to anoint your Lord.
Pray for those who wait -
and those finding the courage to act.
Guide us all through your story
to the hope of resurrection.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory be...

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