Standing on the Edge

cliff edges


  • This Liturgy has been used in church halls - and in Winchester and Portsmouth Anglican cathedrals! As with "Passing on the Light", it can be adapted to your own circumstances.
  • It is probably more suited to liturgies for adults and young people than for schools.
  • The Liturgy works well as a mini-pilgrimage around the building.
    • Select a picture taken from a newspaper or periodical to reflect each of the different "Edges" - hunger/ debt/ homelessness/ ecological damage, etc.
    • Mount the pictures on card and stick them up in various places in the church/ hall/ room/ outside.
    • As the prayer progresses, those gathered walk to stand before each image - and reflect on it and the words they are hearing and saying.
    • You may want to light - and leave - a candle in front of the picture.  Alternatively, as part of a MakePovertyHistory service, you could either pin a white ribbon to each picture individually - or have one long ribbon to link the pictures as you go.
  • The format is designed to encourage participation - share the readings out between members of the group.
  • A song or simple chant or refrain could accompany the movement from one picture to the next.
  • You should include intercessions. We have left this to you - as they should reflect the "Edges" where you are - the Night Shelter - the Drug rehab. unit - the parish project to help the hungry of the world   - the local hospital - and so on...edge - but not alone for God is with us and goes with us into the world - into the new millennium...