Simplified Baptismal Promises


These simplified Baptismal promises are useful for children of catechetical age. They do bring the parents/ godparents’ responsibilities out – which might be useful)



N, N and N

You have heard all these people proclaim what they believe about being a Christian.

Now, it is your turn to tell us what you have learnt:

N, N and N - do you believe that God loves you very much

and wants you to be part of His Christian family?

Children  Yes.




Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,

that He came into the world to show us how to live a life of love

and died so that we could live for ever?

Children   Yes.



Do you believe in the Holy Spirit,

who will live in your heart and help you to grow in goodness

and to make good choices as you grow older?

Children            Yes.

Do you believe that the Church is the God's family in the world

and that you will be part of this great family that is spread through the whole  world?





Do you believe that you are very special to God;

that God knows your names and has written them on the palms of His hands.

Do you promise to do your best to live as God wants you to:

by being kind, loving and generous,

and strong and not being afraid to be a Christian

Children            Yes.

Parents and godparents are asked to give consent



Parents and God-parents, you have heard N, N and N express their desire

to be baptised and to become part of the Family of God.

Do you give your consent to their being baptised?

Parents and God-parents   We do.



Are you willing to cherish the simple faith that N, N and N... have expressed

and to help it to grow to maturity in the years ahead?

Parents and God-parents  

We are





Are you willing to support them and encourage them

when they begin to face questions and doubts;

when being young men/ women of Faith becomes a challenge

rather than a simple joy?

Parents and God-parents              
We are




N, N and N, your parents have given their consent to your being


so, on behalf of this community at (name of church/ town)

I am delighted to welcome you and to baptise you into our life of Faith.

Rite of Baptism continues until the giving of the Candle:


Parents and God-parents, these lights are lit from the Paschal Candle,

our sign of the Risen Christ alive in the world today.

I ask you to receive this light and to pass it onto your sons/ daughters -

as a sign of your willingness to guard and protect the Light of Faith that is in them.


(Candle is handed to parents and godparents who hand it on to the children)


We entrust this Light to your keeping

so that, as children and as adult men/ women,

N, N and N can let this Light shine clearly and brightly;

a sign of Christ alive in the world,

working through them.


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