Who is the King of Glory?

This line from Psalm 23/24 forms the basis of our Holy Week reflections. This Psalm is often associated with the events of Palm Sunday when Jesus came in triumph through the gates of Jerusalem. Then, it was easy to see him as the Lord - the mighty - the valiant - the one chosen to save God’s people.

Less than a week later, he was to pass through the gates again - a condemned criminal, broken and bruised, on his way to death by crucifixion.

How do we understand the kingship of Christ? During this Great Week, we will use the Readings of each day to reflect on the events of the the first Holy Week - and what they tell us about the King of Glory.

Use the Psalm from time to time during the Week... sometimes it will feel to be in accord with the day - sometimes, it will seem to contradict it. Allow both to feed your reflections.

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