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The Acts of the Apostles is, in fact, part 2 of Lukeís Gospel. It records the events after the Resurrection of Jesus and shows how a terrified bunch of fishermen, tax-collectors, women and, later, a tent-maker were transformed into evangelists - keepers and tellers of the Good News to the people of Jerusalem and to the ends of the earth.  

Acts concerns itself mainly with work of Peter and Paul - but the other apostles did their bit - some in North Africa (Philip) - in Europe (by oral tradition, Joseph of Arimathea in Britain and Mary of Magdala in France) - and so on...

It provides a model and encouragement for us in our day. We know that the early Christians had weaknesses and embarrassing failings and yet God used them to spread the Good News of His love and saving power shown in Jesus.

Some, itís true, were called to great missionary works but Luke also shows how their daily lives influenced others to join them. They did nothing dramatic. They gathered publicly for worship and in their homes for the the breaking of bread. They showed love and compassion towards each other and to those in need. Nothing very out of the ordinary - and yet through them, Godís healing power continued to flow into the world.


What does it mean for me?

Spend a few minutes imagining what it must have been like to be a Christian in the very early Church - working out what it would mean for your life.

What attracts you to Jesus? How does your faith in him begin to change your life?



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