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Second Sunday of Easter

Gospel: John 20: 19-31

Poor old Thomas! One understandable mistake - and he  - and others who express similar doubts and questions - are stuck with the name “Doubting Thomas” for generations to come.

Yet, his doubt is quite reasonable. Be honest - would you have believed that someone could come back to life after such a horrific death?

However, all is not lost for him. When he finally meets the Risen Jesus, his wonder and amazement lead him to exclaim “My Lord and my God!”  - and this exclamation has endured as an act of faith for generations too.

It has been used by many Catholics as a silent prayer of adoration as the Bread and Wine are elevated after the words of institution:

“This is My Body - given for you”

 “This is the cup  of My Blood - the Blood of the new and everlasting covenant”

“My Lord and my God!”

It is an act of faith - to look at what still looks like bread and wine and to say that this really is our Lord and our God. Sometimes, it is harder to believe than others - yet on other occasions, we may feel the Presence of Christ very powerfully.

It is something that cannot be explained - and if it could be, it would not be worth believing in! Somehow, in those moments, we are entering a way of understanding reality that is not bound by time and space.

We are no longer limited to what we can see with our physical eyes and what we can hear with our physical ears...We are given a glimpse of a reality that transcends (goes beyond) the here and the now. It can feel safer to hold back - and allow ourselves to be limited to believing only in what we can see and touch - like Thomas tried to.

Sometimes, though, God takes us by surprise - and we find ourselves caught up in wonder and astonishment - and sense the touch of God in it. At such times, like Thomas, we don’t resort to explanation or question as to how it happened - we can’t. We just have to accept it and allow ourselves to be transported by the experience...


What does it mean for me?


Have you ever felt that Jesus was very close to you?

When - and how did His presence feel?

Try using the words, “My Lord and my God” as the Host is lifted up.

As time goes on, see whether it makes a difference to how you say/sing the Acclamation.



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