Prayer in Taizé

Kathryn & Catherine in Taizé!


This is a postcard from Taizé - featuring us!

Kathryn is on the left in blue
Catherine is on the right in the stripy t-shirt.

It was taken in 1994 - during the memorable visit we made to Taizé.


Photo: © S.Leutenegger Ateliers et Presses de Taizé
            F-71250 Taizé-Communauté
Used with permission

We returned to Taizé in 1995 with Kathryn's daughter, Elizabeth and two friends, Marion and Julie.

Imagine the scene in the shop in Taizé when Julie came over to us with postcard in hand - telling us that she - Marion and Elizabeth were all convinced this was us!

So - what would you have said?!

Once we'd got used to the idea of images of us being posted around the world, we had time for reflection.

The postcard, it seemed, was confirmation of the experience the previous year - that somehow, in ways we could not imagine, people would look beyond us in prayer to the One who has called us as disciples...
to the One who is the Wellspring of all Life

It has been a useful postcard to have - to send or give to people - with the promise that the part of us that is forever by the Cross - or near the Source in Taizé is praying for them.

It reminds us that whatever else we do - it is prayer - and being present to God that matters...
It is the fidelity to that calling that bears fruit in the rest of our work...

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