Why Wellspring?

In Taizé, there is a Wellspring - the Source St.Etienne.

It was in the breath of the wind over the waters of that Wellspring that the inspiration for our "Wellspring" was borne...

In 1994, we went to Taizé. We knew something was waiting for us there - but had no idea what!

On our final morning, we discovered the Source - the Wellspring.
Wellspring at Taize
The crystal green of the newly-unfurled leaves and the clear blue sky of the spring-time morning captured our imagination -
and held it as the Breath of God in the wind over the waters of the Wellspring did Her work.

In the perpetual springtime of Taizé a new wellspring began to emerge.

Our name honours the place where we - as Wellspring - were born -

and reminds us of the Source of all Life and all Inspiration -

                                                the Wellspring of Living Water -

                                                                and the Breath of Eternal Life...

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