Prayer for Musicians and Liturgists

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"Sing to the Lord a new song....."

Grant unto us,O Lord, nerves of steel
that we may dare to sing a new song -
and teach others to sing it too.

Grant unto us, O Lord, iron hands
that we might grasp the nettle of new music.
yet,grant unto us, O Lord, velvet fingers
that we may touch tenderly the sensibilities of Your people

Grant unto us, O Lord, feet light as feathers
that we may tread softly on the eggshells placed in our path
yet, grant unto us, O Lord, firm footsteps
that we might follow where You would have us go.

Grant unto us, O Lord, occasional failing memory
that we may forget the harsh criticisms of our taste in music
yet, grant unto us, O Lord, memory clear as crystal
that we may remember the joy - and comfort -
that our words and music bring.

Grant unto us, O Lord, the tongues of angels
that we may create harmony of discord.
Grant unto us,O Lord, shoulders of Teflon
that the mud that shall be cast shall not stick.

And above all else, dear Lord,
grant unto us space and time in our busy-ness
that our souls may touch your soul -
and we may learn to sing the songs
that our souls shall sing for ever.


1997 & 1999 Wellspring

This prayer was inspired - if that's the right word - by a visit to our parish by Paul Inwood. We had a couple of evenings devoted to music - prayer - and worship.
Paul appears on several sites - but his own is Magnificat Music