This works very well when it is read over background music.
We used the Taizé chant "Veni Creator Spiritus"
but any meditative piece of music would work.

If using music, try to time it so that there is a short pause before the last line -
so that the words simply drop into the silence...

Note: You don't need to use the whole Litany!


God of all beginnings
God of endings
Eternal light of God

Warm breath of God
Melting touch of God
Healing hand of God
Creative love of God

Life-loving Spirit
Breath of the universe
Craftsman of the heavens
Star-kindling Spirit
Sun-warming Spirit
Moon-burnishing Spirit
Budbursting Spirit
Sap-surging Spirit

Painter of rainbows
Craftsman of trees
Artist of flowers
Midwife of creatures
Source of all life

Spirit of Justice
Spirit of Righteousness
Spirit of Power
Spirit of Integrity
Spirit of Mercy
Spirit of Compassion
Spirit of Perfection
Spirit of Generosity
Spirit of Invitation
Spirit of solitude
Spirit of gladness
Spirit of mercy
Spirit of exuberance
Spirit of hope without horizon

Light of our lives
Supporter in our trials
Strength in weakness
Consolation in grief
Healer of wounds
Renewer of strength
Quencher of thirst
Shelter in storms
Tenderness in distress

Safe sheltering of God
Strong guarding of God
Soft enfolding of God
Liberating challenge of God 

Joyous song of God
Promise of God
Graciousness of God
Shimmering of God
Dream of God
Laughter of God
Sweet sorrow of God
Deep wisdom of God
Caressing of God
Still centre of God
Strong arm of God
Guidance of God

Giver of Joy
Giver of Comfort
Giver of Peace
Giver of Wisdom
Giver of Right Judgement
Giver of Good Counsel
Giver of Strength
Giver of Awe and Wonder
Giver of Love

Spirit of peace-making
Witness to Justice
Breaker-down of walls of division
Builder of bridges
Loosener of chains
Opener of new pathways

Inspirer of creators
Inspirer of peace-makers
Inspirer of seekers after truth
Inspirer of workers for humanity
Inspirer of children
Inspirer of mystics

Wellspring of life
Fresh spring of renewal
Clear stream of refreshment
Wide ocean of love

Divine Wind, Breath of God
As a Whisper on the breeze
A Wind dancing in the tree-tops
Exhilerating Wind of the cliff-tops

So we sense You...©  1997, 1999 Wellspring

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