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Year C: 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Second Reading: based on  St Paulís Letter to Thessalonians 1: 11

It is obvious form Paulís tone that the Thessalonians vary between excitement at the prospect of Jesusí Coming and alarm that it might be about to happen.

We are not very much different - though perhaps fewer among us could claim to be excited at the prospect! What Paul is addressing here is something that we are facing too - the rumours that the end of the world is nigh - or even, that Jesus has already returned and we have somehow missed Him.

Rumour and speculation have the great advantage that nobody has to prove anything. People can say all sorts of things and others find themselves influenced first one way - then another. The confusion this brings can lead to anxiety and fear and uncertainty. It can distract us from keeping our attention on the task in hand. 

It is not easy when we are surrounded by rumour and speculation to keep a clear head and a still soul - but they are worth cultivating.

In general, where things leave us edgy and anxious, they are not of God - and can be ignored - even if it is a rumour that the world will end on Tuesday and you have a dentist appointment that day (i.e. donít cancel it!)

Where things leave us calm and at peace, they are of God -and we can rest in the knowledge that, if Jesus does return on Tuesday, He would prefer to find us getting on with the job of serving Him than running around like headless chickens in panic at the prospect of meeting Him.

(And if the prospect of meeting Jesus still fills you with worry - look back at the effect He had on Zacchaeus - and trust that He will have a similar effect on you!) 

What does it mean for me?

Waterlily The world is full of rumour, speculation and anxiety. How can you cultivate a sense of calm and confidence in God?

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