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Year C: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Ecclesiasticus 35: 12-14, 16-19

The link between the First Reading and the Gospel is fairly clear this week.

Our God is no respecter of personages - He does not take more account of the prayers of the rich and powerful than the prayers of the poor and lowly. In fact, if God has a preference, it is for the prayers of those the world would quite like to ignore. God hears the one who has been injured - the orphan - the widow. Ecclesiasticus says that God listens as they “pour out their story” - He lets them have their say - He does not shush them - or send them away. Like a father - mother - loving friend - He lets people talk until they have told Him everything.

And, having listened, He then makes a judgement. The one who is ignored by the law finds in God a righteous Judge. The one who is inconsolable until God answers will find that the Most High does take notice of him.

There are many in our own country who find themselves without a voice - and even more people throughout the world.

The rich and powerful do not listen. They may even claim that God is on their side - “look how much I give to charity”.

This Reading speaks to the poor and dispossessed  still - God does hear and will respond. We can’t know how - but the prayer of the poor does get through and God will act

 What does it mean for me?

Waterlily What hope do you find for the many people around the world whose prayers seem to be going unheard?

Are you called to be part of God's answer to their prayer?

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