Second Reading:  Galatians 5: 16-25

The extract chosen from this letter is probably one of the most concise summaries of what should characterise the life of a Christian disciple - and what shouldn’t!


The qualities - often called “The Fruits of the Spirit” are worth listing here:

love                   joy                    peace               patience                        kindness           goodness          trustfulness            gentleness        self-control


Each one is worthy in its own right - but they are still more powerful in combination.



What does this mean for me?



Spend time in reflecting on the fruits of life lived in the Spirit...


Think of people whose lives are characterised by one or more of them and the effect they have on you - and on others...


Which of the fruits is most evident in your own life (don’t be unduly modest on this one - remember: all is gift!)


And, conversely, which fruit may need a little more work? How - apart from prayer - could you help to develop those in need of attention?


Think about what a community whose life was characterised by these fruits would be like...


Which fruits are evident in the life of your community? What effect does this have on its own life - and the life of others around it?


Which qualities need to be cultivated? And what are you prepared to do to help in their development?


Spend a time imagining what your life - and society in general would be like if it were to be lived as St Paul describes unbridled self indulgence...


Which life do you choose - for yourself - those around you - and for the world?

How can you make that choice real and active?


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