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Year A: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 First Reading: Ecclesiasticus 27: 30 - 28: 7

The theme of forgiveness is found in many places in the Old Testament but the Reading chosen to complement todayís Gospel is as straightforward a warning as Jesusí parable was.

Resentment and anger are dangerous things and those who hug them to themselves are at risk of falling into serious sin. If we are not prepared to forgive - how can we expect God to forgive us? Is it fair to ask God to be compassionate towards us is we are not prepared to be compassionate to our fellow human beings?

The key is to remember - and to make that remembering real by how we act.

We do not hear much about the last things these days - death - judgement - heaven - hell. There was a time when they were, perhaps, over-emphasised but nowadays, they are largely forgotten. And yet, a healthy regard for those last things can help us to focus our minds and hearts now.

We hear of people who go off in a fit of anger and have and accident. Thankfully, this is rare - but when it happens, it can devastate those left behind - they can never forgive themselves because the one they loved canít now forgive them.

The thought of this happening can curb our anger and resentment - do I want to die - or my loved one to die with this between us?

It can put the things that make us angry into proportion too - given our eternal destiny - are the things that anger me really that significant?

It is not to dwell on negativity - rather to allow reflection and remembering into the how we deal with difficult situations.

What does it mean for me?

Waterlily Are there things that make me angry that need to be resolved?

What are they - and how will I deal with them? Is there someone I can turn to for help in this?

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