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Year A: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Second Reading: Romans 11: 33-36

The reading today is sometimes called a hymn to the merciful wisdom of God. In the Missal, it does not really look like a hymn - but, if we read it closely, we see that St Paul has lapsed into a poetic form of words to try to express his response to the mercy of God which is beyond human understanding.

It echoes many of the psalms which celebrate the grandeur of God - standing amazed before the magnificence of a God whose ways are far beyond our ways - whose thoughts beyond our thoughts...as far as the heavens are above the earth...

This is a reading to savour. If possible read it aloud - somewhere where you can give full expression to “How rich are the depths of God! How deep His wisdom and knowledge!” - and so on.

If you cannot bring yourself to declaim it out loud, allow yourself to do it in imagination!

Take time to explore the psalms and to find those that may have inspired St Paul. Read them in the same way!

Allow yourself to give praise to God - to rejoice in the great things that God has done for us!

Very few of us have words that can express the height and depth of praise that we sometimes feel.

In those cases, we can be deeply grateful to St Paul - and to the psalmists for providing the words which generations have hallowed and treasured - which enable us to “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good - for his love has no end!”

What does it mean for me?


Do you find it easy to praise God?

What helps you to give praise and thanks to God?

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