Life everlasting

The final threshold for everyone is the threshold of death. It is the moment unlike any other when Knowledge gives way to Mystery.

The threshold of the birth of a child is mysterious - how can a human being be so alive - so vulnerable? But its stages of development are well known and we can chart the child’s progress through childhood to adulthood with a fair degree of accuracy.

The threshold of death takes us into uncharted territory. We do not know what happens to us after death.

Some claim to know what lies beyond - but often offer images that seem closer to earthly existence than to eternal life.

Others say that there is nothing. Some even hope that there is nothing.

In the face of the evidence of a body that begins the process of decomposition soon after death, the compilers of the Creed stood before the Mystery of death and said that this is not the end.

They looked to the body of the first fruits from the dead - Jesus - and saw in His glorious body the promise for our own. They sensed - in the face of all evidence to the contrary - that God would raise our mortal bodies - and transform them into the likeness of that of Jesus.

Neither they - nor we can explain how.

At this threshold we can - for now - draw back....

but one day, we will have to cross it....

The challenge will be the fulfilment of our life.

If we have dared to live gazing into the Mystery - allowing it to percolate into us and to deepen our knowledge and understanding, we will be well-prepared for this ultimate moment.

We may be afraid - of what we will find beyond the threshold. We may well need the prayer and loving farewells of those around us to help us to cross this final threshold.

But our experience of life lived on the threshold of Knowledge and Mystery will have taught us that Faith and trust go hand-in-hand - that Truth is infinitely richer and deeper than the human mind can comprehend.

And so it will be that we will be able to put our hand out into the darkness - into the Cloud of Unknowing - in trust and confidence that it will be met by the Lord of all Life and that He will leads us towards the perfection of our living - where Knowledge and Mystery become one - and Life is at last revealed to us in all its fullness....

Drinking from the Wellspring

  • How do you feel about the threshold that is death?

  • Who do you know who has already crossed it?

  • How can you live life now in such a way that you are ready to embark on the final adventure?

1999 Wellspring

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