The Acceuil - Welcome

However you arrive in Taizé, one of your first contacts with life on the Hill (as it is known) will be at the Acceuil - the welcome.

Unfortunately, this image is very shadowy but, in keeping with the ethos of Taizé, the sign offers a "Welcome" in just a few of the languages you will hear spoken around you:               

L'Acceuil: the WelcomeAcceuil





On Sunday - the main arrival day - a larger room is set aside to allocate accommodation, organise meal tickets and  offer a welcome.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of the young people making an extended stay in Taizé and given a general introduction to the routine of life of the Community. You will also receive a copy of the current Letter from Taizé by Brother Roger. This, alongside Scripture, will form the basis of the reflections and discussions during your stay.

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