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Jesus had an amazing knack for spotting things that the rest of us just didn’t see.

Sometimes, if I’m honest, it was like going for a walk with a child.
You know the sort of thing - they spot the caterpillar on the ground two seconds before you would have trodden on it - or stand and stare at the patterns in the clouds - or insist on stopping to count the petals of a flower and announcing that this one has a different number from the last one.

As if it mattered.
Well, that’s what I would have said before Jesus started taking me on His little strolls.

He could stand in front of a field that was in its fallow year and covered with weeds - and say that even Solomon in all his glorious robes and crowns and what have you - not even Solomon was as gloriously radiantly beautiful than this. At first, I used to be a bit worried. Well, grown men just don’t talk like that, do they? But then, He’d catch my eye and see the expression on my face and burst out laughing - which just made me even more confused and embarrassed.

Everything for Jesus was worth noticing. He’d notice two sparrows squabbling for the same perch - and watch one fall to the ground -and see a meaning in it. He knew the signs to look for in the weather - and used that to open people’s eyes to the signs of the times - as He said.

I’d always been too busy to notice before. When you have a lot to do, little details just don’t seem important. But Jesus taught me to see differently.

I can’t watch a mother hen gathering up her chicks without thinking of Jesus using that as an image of God gathering up His children - or sow seeds in the garden without trying to make doubly sure they land on good soil.

I suppose in your day, some of His images seem old-fashioned - a bit "country-lorish". But it’s a poor part of the world that doesn't have a bit of nature in it....

And I’d wager that if Jesus strolled alongside you on your way to the car - or the bus-stop - or the shops - He’d be spotting things you missed -and spinning stories about them....

Maybe He is strolling beside you - and maybe you just have to learn to listen...


Drinking from the Wellspring

As you go about your daily routines, sometimes try to imagine Jesus walking alongside you and invite Him to point things out that you might otherwise have missed..

Allow any little thoughts - or insights to pop to mind and see whether, like Martha, Jesus is helping you to see things differently - not just in what you see - or hear - but in what it means...

1999 Wellspring

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