Martha's Offerings  Friends in Need

Jesus liked His time alone with God - but He knew how to be sociable too. People from all over the place would come to the house as soon as they knew He was there.

There were the respectable ones - who tended to come at night.
Then there were the others who, I have to say, I wouldn’t normally have given house-room to.
Sometimes, my house was full - and catering for them all was a real headache.

I tried to take comfort from the fact that Jesus so often used parties - and feasts - and meals - as examples of what heaven was going to be like - I must have been doing something right!.

So, from my experience, heaven is noisy - friendly - and full of people you wouldn’t expect to be rubbing shoulders with! All sorts of people - all enjoying the heavenly banquet with the Lord.

The great thing, though, is that since Jesus died - or more exactly when He was raised and went back to the Father - well, the gap between heaven and earth isn’t anywhere nearly as great as it used to be. And that means that we are closer to the people in heaven than we used to be. And that means that we have a lot of friends in high places - well, in places where they can really give a prayer-boost when the going gets a bit tough.

Do you know - there’s a saint whose got a special interest in just about everything - who seems to have a special knack with certain problems - or who just keeps an eye on how things are going.

Of course, they can’t do everything - but they are so in love with God - and can remember what life-on-earth was like. So, they see their time in heaven as an excuse to help people out on earth - and being so close to God - they can do a pretty good job of it too!

Oh - and me? - Martha? - well, I look after cooks - and servants and hospitality...And I really do know what they can be up against!

Drinking from the Wellspring

The practice of asking for the intercession of saints has become less prominent over recent years - but it is one that goes back to the very early Church. It was believed that those who are already in heaven still have a fondness and understanding of the things of earth.

If you think about yourself - isn’t it likely that, if you go to heaven, you will still love those left behind? Would you be prepared to leave the heavenly banquet to help someone in need of a bit of prayer and love?

Trust then that those gone before really have remained united with us in the Communion of Saints and are there to help -

Find out about your own patron saint...

If you have a special need - try to find out who is the saint with special responsibility for it.

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