Martha's Offerings Looking over the Day

Jesus and I often used to meet in the early morning when He came in from His prayer-times on the hillside. The other time that we used to get together was in the evening. Usually everyone else had gone to bed - and I was just doing the last bits of clearing away - and then Jesus would suggest that we stopped for a while to unwind a bit. He knew me well!

We often didn’t say much - there wasn’t really any need.

We would just look back over the day - and talk about what had happened - and think about it all again - before laying it to rest for the night.

Jesus always insisted on starting with the good bits - and nine times out of ten, I couldn’t think of anything good. But He quietly insisted - in that way He had - and gradually things would start to come back to me.
He always said to go right back to them - as if you were re-living them remembering how you felt deep down and really savouring the moments again.

Then, of course, I’d remember the other things - the moments of crossness and frustration - when I’d said things I’d have given anything to take back - or when someone said something to me that cut me to the heart...

How Jesus handled that varied. There were times when He’d listen to me moaning about something and getting upset - and He would just say something that made me see the funny side of it - and I’d end up laughing it away.

Sometimes, though, He’d look at something and keep asking questions until I realised what was really upsetting me. I might have been cross with someone - for very good reason - and Jesus would say that I’d been right to be angry - that something really wan’t fair. And, somehow, because He understood - and said it was alright to feel that way - well, it helped to ease the hurt - sometimes it took it away altogether because I stopped feeling guilty about it.

Another time, though I might have been angry for no good reason - maybe I was out-of-sorts or something - and quite often He’d remind me of the effect I’d had on someone. When He first used to do this I’d be ashamed - but I learned that - if I was honest with Him, He’d be honest with me - and He’d show me a way of putting things right - or, at the very least, helping me to be ready to apologise the next day.

Then - He’d go back to the good things again - and we’d than God for the blessings of the day - and there always were some - usually far more blessings than problems..

It was funny - the nights Jesus and I talked like this - they were the nights when I slept like a baby...
no connection I don't suppose...?

Drinking from the Wellspring

As you begin to get ready for bed - try to spend some time going over the events of your day.

You may find it helpful to imagine it as a conversation with Jesus like the one Martha remembers.

Remember -and, as far as you can, relive the good moments. Savour them again as gifts from God.

Then go over the negative parts of the day - and think about why they were as they were. Do you need to forgive someone? Do you need to make up with someone? Ask God’s forgiveness for what needs to be forgiven.

Finally, go back to the blessings - and thank God for His love for you today - and ask for His blessing on the day ahead.

1999 Wellspring

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