Walking the Path of Sorrow:

using the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary


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Reader I will light a light for an Agony in a Garden:
When the Son of God faced the bleakness of loneliness
and fear in the face of death.
Reader I will light a light for a Scourging:
The Son of God - despised and rejected,
a man of sorrows - acquainted with grief.
Reader I will light a light for a Crowning:
The King of Glory with a crown of thorns:
shamed - humiliated - 
powerless in the face of evil.
Reader I will light a light for a Carrying:
A burden beyond bearing -
the sins of the world,
borne by the Lamb of God.
Reader I will light a light for Crucifixion:
Father, forgive them-
they don't know what they are doing.
, Stay in prayer as long as feels comfortable. 
Allow people time to be sorrowful - perhaps to share their thoughts and feelings if appropriate.
Reader Jesus said, "Do not be afraid little flock
I have overcome the world."
Reader I will light a light for hope
the life of God confronting the evil of the world
the light of God: a beacon of hope for his faithful people.

Ideas for using this Liturgy
This is a simple, contemplative liturgy - rest on the tradition of generations of people who have prayed the Rosary in difficult and dangerous situations

  • Arrange 5 small lights around one central candle.

  • With each "I will light..." light one candle.

  • If saying in a group, several people may wish to share the readings. You may also wish to change "I will.." to "we will..."

  • When the candle is lit, say a decade of the Rosary... then move on to the next.

  • Finally light the candle representing the light and life of God.

 2001 Wellspring

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