I heard the Lord call my name

This Liturgy was part of an Easter Morning Mass when we celebrated the Baptisms of two young people, Nicky and Adrian, who had chosen, at the age of 13, to be baptised.

We used Readings (read by recently confirmed young people) which reflected the theme of God calling us by name - Isaiah 43 and John's account of Jesus meeting Mary and calling her by name so that she should know him.

The young people sat at the back with their parents and godparents - and had with them their white garment and unlit Baptismal candle. Alternatively, the symbols could be ready and waiting by the font.

After the Gospel, children and young people were invited to come forward with candles handed out as they arrived at church. They were reminded about the candle they received when they were baptised - and told that they were to welcome two new young people into the Christian family. Their own candles were then lit* (enlist adult supervision for this!) and they were formed into a Circle of Light around the "font" on the sanctuary - leaving a space open for our young catechumens to enter.

(Note on the "font". For this occasion, the font was a beautiful glass bowl shaped like a flower on a stand about 1 metre high. This was placed in front of the altar. )

Two recently confirmed young people went to the back and invited Nicky and Adrian to come forward. They entered the Circle of Light - handed their symbols to the godparents - and were baptised.

After their Baptism, they lit floating candles for themselves, their parents and godparents and catechists and placed them - along with spring flowers - on the Baptismal water.

They then went to bring forward the community's gifts of bread and wine in readiness for the Liturgy of the Eucharist during which they received Communion for the first time.

* One of the children, Hannah, had not then been baptised. She received her own Baptismal Candle in readiness for her own Baptism a few weeks later and stalwartly defended it from being lit - (we had explained that this was for her own special day). After the Baptism, the parish priest explained why her candle remained unlit and introduced her to the community of which she was soon to become a full part.

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