An Easter Day Liturgy


Opening Responses


On this glorious Easter Day,

We have come to celebrate the greatness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

On this great day, we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord

 My sisters and brothers, let us rejoice: Alleluia!


Alleluia, alleluia,        

Jesus is Lord of all the earth, He is the King of creation



On this most holy of days,

the One whom men had thought to destroy

has risen triumphant from the tomb!

My sisters and brothers, let us rejoice: Alleluia!

All Alleluia, alleluia, Jesus has died and is risen.

On this holy day, we celebrate our New Life in the Risen Christ;

through the death of Jesus, the weight of our sin has been lifted from us; 

through His glorious resurrection,

we have become sons and daughters of God.

My sisters and brothers, let us rejoice: Alleluia!


Alleluia, alleluia, come, let us praise the living God,

joyfully sing to our Saviour.

Scripture Reading: John 20: 1-9
Closing Responses

My sisters and brothers,

today we have celebrated the glorious Mystery of Christ's death and resurrection.


Let us go forth, rejoicing in the knowledge that Jesus is alive.


Reader Today, we look to the future -
to the new dawn of Eastertide
All Let us go to live as people bathed in the light of resurrection.
Reader Today, we remember the day when creation was made new
when God showed humanity its destiny.
All Let us go as people living in the knowledge
that through the triumph of Jesus over death
the gates of heaven are re-opened.

2005 Wellspring

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