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Start in very subdued lighting – enough to allow people to get to their places.
When the Liturgy begins, the lights fade completely.
Silence – just long enough to begin to feel uncomfortable?

Sounds of wind and waves gradually emerge into the silence …
Readers should be sensitive to the mood – drawing people into the Story and into reflection…


Opening/ Penitential Responses
Reader 1 In the beginning …
  In the beginning the earth was a formless void…
  Darkness covered the face of the deep
  And the Divine Breath of God moved over the waters…
More sounds in the darkness
Reader 1 When God had created the earth,
A stream would rise from the earth
and water the whole face of the ground…
Then God created the human from the dust of the earth
and breathed life into its nostrils
and so it became a living being
Reader 2

God creates a human life when He breathes His Divine breath into a creature made of the earth…
And the human asks, "Who am I?"
And I ask …Who am I?

Reader 1

The man and the woman ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree –
and they became ashamed.
They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden –
and they hid themselves from Him.
And the Lord God called out to them – Where are you?

Reader 2

I eat the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of right and wrong –
And I become ashamed.
And the Lord God calls out to me – Where are you?
And I ask – Where am I?

Reader 1 

The people left the garden –
and entered the wasteland –
God sought them –
and found them when they were most lost –
and called to them – Come back to Me …

Reader 2

I am lost – and need to be found.
And the Lord God calls to me –
Come back to Me…

Reader 1 

But the People of God were stubborn of heart.
They challenged God
They defied God
They ignored God
They forgot God
But God did not forget His people –
and in the fullness of time…

Reader 2

The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us –
But the world, though it had its being through Him, did not know Him.

Spotlight on the cross
Reader 3 

In the spring-time of last year, we gathered on the threshold of Holy Week
and received palm crosses…
We saw and heard the story of how far God was prepared to go in love for us…
We witnessed again the events of His triumphant entry into Jerusalem –
The Last Supper –
His Passion –
His death –
His resurrection –
We beheld His pain and His glory –
We knew the depths of love that inspired God’s sacrifice of his own Son –
And yet we have lived as if we did not…

Burning of Palms interspersed with:

The palms of Holy Week XXXX -
become the ashes of Lent of XXXX
Come back to Me –
Not with your garments torn –
But with your hearts broken…
I do not ask for holocaust –
But the sacrifice – the gift – of a contrite heart.

First Reading: Joel 2: 12-18
Psalm 50
Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 5: 20 - 6: 2
Gospel: Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-18
Liturgy of the Eucharist
 Dismissal RiteWhere are we going?
Reader 1 We are going on a Journey –
a Pilgrimage –
but to where…
All A Journey – to God
A Journey – to freedom
A Journey – to heaven
A Pilgrimage of Faith.
Reader 2 And where do we start?
All We go back to our beginnings –
To remember what we were when God created us –
creatures of the earth
And to remember what we become because God loves us.
Reader 1 To remember that you are dust? – and unto dust you shall return?

But to remember also the Good News
that God has opened the way back to heaven for us –
if we choose to follow it.


People come forward to receive their ashes – and, if used, clay with which to make a clay figure of themselves – or a symbol if they prefer.

They are invited to stay to make their figure/symbol before they go – no penalties for those who prefer to play at home!

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