Year C: Second Sunday of Lent

The Gospel: Luke 9: 28-36

Today's Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration - where Peter, James and John really did see Jesus in a different light - the light of God. It is also a “mountain-top” experience for all of them.

Jesus takes His disciples up a mountain to pray.

During His prayer, Jesus changes - becoming radiant and glorious. He is joined by Moses and Elijah and, although the three are “in glory”, the subject of their conversation is the forthcoming death of Jesus. As so often in the Gospel, the messages seem to be contradictory - death and glory sitting side by side.

The disciples were overcome by the experience - and who can blame them! Peter tries to interpret it - and, in a way, make it manageable and permanent “Let us make three tents...” as a lasting memorial of what has happened.

But God’s plan is not static and confined to mountain-tops. Eventually, Jesus and the disciples will have to come down from the mountain-top and go back to the market-place. More importantly, they will have to continue the seemingly ill-fated journey to Jerusalem - to suffering and to death.

Just before this experience, Jesus had spoken to His disciples about the cross - something that they had trouble understanding - if Jesus was the Son of God, what place did the cross have in His story?

In the cloud, the sign of God’s presence, they hear again the words,

“This is My Son, the Chosen One. Listen to Him”.

God is telling them that Jesus knows what He is talking about - and salvation will come through Him - even if how it happens does not always make sense to the disciples.

What does it mean for me?

When have you had a “mountain-top” experience?

When have you felt overwhelmed by the power and majesty of something - or someone?

What effect has it had on your life?

Have you ever had an experience where joy and sorrow - death and glory - have seemed very close? Could you find God in it? If not at the time - can you now?

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