Wellspring of Scripture


Third Sunday of Easter

Second Reading: 1 John 2: 1-5

There are many ways of showing that we know someone. We might quote things they have said - or tell stories of things we have done together.


If we claim to have been influenced by someone, other people may well recognise their mannerisms in us - or notice how the things we do and say reflect them.

When it comes to saying that we “know” Jesus - or say that we have been deeply influenced by him, people are going to look for evidence of that in our lives.

Do we say the kinds of thing that Jesus did?
Do we act in the way that Jesus did?
Do we follow his instructions on how his followers should live?


In this reading, John is reminding us of the importance of all of these things - but especially, how important it is for us to keep Jesus’ commandments. In this way we - and others - can know that we really do know God. Anyone can say they do but, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


We have all met people who say they are Christians - but whose lives leave us wondering how this can be so. They may never gather with others to worship the God they say they believe in. Some may “go to church” - but not take what they have heard and received back out into the world with them.


They see religion and life as quite distinct - even though they may claim otherwise.


John reminds us of the cost of our salvation - the sacrifice of Jesus. Through that, we have the assurance that he will intercede for us - he will be our advocate.


As always, God - and Christ will keep their part of the bargain - our decision has to be whether we will keep ours?

Do our lives and our obedience to the teachings of Jesus show that we know God?


What does this mean for me?


Take a look at your life from the “outside” - as someone might observe it...

What evidence is there that you know and love God?

Where might there be room for improvement?


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