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And God said,
"Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters,
and let it separate the waters from the waters!"

So God made the dome
and separated the waters that were under the dome
from the waters that were above the dome.

And it was so.

And there was evening
and there was morning,
the second day.


When the Song of Creation in Genesis 1 was created, people thought that the earth was flat and covered by a dome.
Another idea was that the earth was the centre of the universe with the sun, moon and stars revolving round it.

When telescopes were invented and Copernicus and Galileo challenged this, the Church held that their views were heresy.

This seems hard to understand now - but new ideas are almost always met with fear and suspicion - and this world-view did seem to move men from being the centre of the universe and the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Some scientists became convinced that everything - even life itself - could be explained in terms of mechanics - and for many years, it seemed that science and religion had little in common.

Thankfully, things are changing! We may be on the threshold of an age when science and spirituality find a new respect for each other .

We are learning that wonder and awe are not confined to religious experience - but can be the response of the scientist as yet another wonder of creation is unfolded before them.

The mystic and the scientist may gaze on something and "see" different things - but the inner person in each exults and rejoices in whatever lies before them. As religious people would say - the soul senses the touch of the Creator.

Drinking from the Wellspring

Enjoy spending time gazing at the vault of heaven -
- watching clouds and sunsets -
- the range of colours -

Be aware of the beauty - and the fragility - of our skies.

Wellspring 1998

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