A New Creation

Before we begin the reflections on Baptism, it would be good to spend time thinking about what came before - our creation and birth.

Use some - or all - of the following thoughts to get you started:

Have you been told any stories about your birth?
Who looked forward to it? Were there any anxieties?

Try this exercise - gently take a journey back through your life - as if revisiting each age.

Let your imagination take you back through your life - right back to your days in the womb - and back to the moment of your conception.

Allow yourself to realise that before anyone else knew of your existence, God knew you were there - tiny and infinitely vulnerable - but infinitely loved...

Say these words quietly to yourself - over and over again so that the meaning drips softly into your soul

(It can help to say the first part on an "in-breath" and the second part as you breathe out)

Before I formed you in the womb - I knew you

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